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Gillian Hulse Glass, Vienna arc
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New clay and glass workshops. 7th and 8th August 2013

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Gillian Hulse Glass - Welcome

Gillian Hulse draws on her background in both illustration and textile design to create a stunning range of fused glass wall and window panels, curved arcs, bowls, dishes and small hangings.

Her designs are often inspired by land and seascapes and the natural world; many feature night skies, gardens, shiny fish in bubble-filled water and colourful dragonflies. She also creates a range of more contemporary decorative pieces which demonstrate her love of sumptuous colour and pattern.

In her studio near Wells in Somerset she creates each piece using a wide variety of materials and techniques to achieve the look she requires. The work is then fired in her kiln, sometimes two or three times if necessary.

Gillian's commissioned pieces include panels for doors and windows, splashbacks, mirrors, tiles, door handles, sets of coasters and vessels. She also specialises in making house portraits in glass - an ideal gift for a special birthday or anniversary.

If you would like to arrange a studio visit or wish to discuss a commission please contact Gillian on 01749 679967 Email: